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Sangeeta Kaur

Sangeeta Kaur


Sangeeta Kaur is the founder of Emerging Journey Asia (EJA). Her course of study of the human psychology, behavior and responses is rooted in her strong passion to help humanity discover their true potential through the understanding of their individual uniqueness and untapped potentials. Sangeeta conducts workshops, seminars and work together with various organisations and corporations to conduct program that promote self-esteem, effective communications, change management, leadership, conflict management, negotiation skills, motivation and many more.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Science from IIC University of Technology, Cambodia. As a Registered and Licensed Counselor with The Board of Counselors Malaysia, she has conducted varies counseling sessions for individual and corporation. Sangeeta was recognised and was given the honour for being the first to use Emergenetics Profiling Framework for the deaf society internationally and for her excellence in quality.