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What is profiling?

Well, profiling simply means, the recording and analysis of a person’s psychological and behavioural characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying categories of people.

We are dealing with numerous different people every day in our lives and at some point, we will question why certain people act in certain ways, and why some characteristics are our preference? To know the answer, we at Emerging Journey Asia Sdn Bhd use psychometric tools called Emergenetics Assessment Tools.


Technically, Emergenetics is a self-assessment profile of your Thinking Preference (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual) and Behavioral Preference (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility). Emergenetics is a personality profile to be used for individual and team development. It creates a stronger team environment by showcasing and harnessing each member’s unique strengths.  Emergenetics can be tied to individual and team goals, specific work projects and an ongoing culture of communications and openness.


Why should anyone do the assessments?

Emergenetics is an ideal tool, because of the learning objectives, concise and relevant.  It is used to develop an overall awareness of diverse thinking and behavioural approaches present in the workplace. It defines and accentuates individual strengths and approaches to work. To provide a lens to view significant challenges including teambuilding, trust, conflict resolution, change management, communication and more. This is to utilise personality preferences to improve concrete work elements including objectives, daily work and communication, and performance.


What are the outcomes?

The outcome is that colleagues will understand and see a clearer picture with more powerful communication skills. A diverse perspective on work and how to approach colleagues and clients. A higher percentage of business objectives and goals met due to an empowering, and strengths-based system. It will also expedite time to proficiency for participants – Emergenetics is easily translatable into the workplace. It is an approach to leadership unlike any other – Emergenetics builds the leader’s awareness and boots interpersonal and communication skills.


With the reliability and validity of the tool, helps participants to have a clearer understanding of themselves and others in the diversity of people at large.


Thank you for reading this article and God Bless!

Credits: Emergenetics International, Dictionary,

About the author:

Sharmine Kaur has just completed her SPM and currently pursuing her Diploma in Multimedia in TAR College. She enjoys outdoor activities, music and multimedia. She plays the guitar and now learning piano by herself to stretch her learning as a journey of life.


By Sharmine Kaur

Intern @EJA

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